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How To Spice Up Gay Sex?

Gay sex

The overall world’s perception over gay men sex has changed over the years. The old-school thinking that a guy would run for the nearest exit if he realized that you were gay is long gone. People are beginning to realize that human beings are divergent and that different people have different tastes for fundamental things such as love, dating and sex. Gay dating, gay anal sex, love, chat, XXX videos, adult stories and gay teen sex tube websites usually revolve on how making an intimate relationship between two or even more men much better in relationships. Here are some top tips to help you spice up a gay sex.

Massage your Dick on Him Before Stripping Him Down

Gay sex between two couples usually involves two men who are willing to have sexual intimacy by penetrating the ass. Remember that you all carry packages, in the form of dicks and the best way to spice up your intimate erotic experience is to rub your dick on your partner before stripping him down for sex. Lay him on the bed, remove your pants and rub your dick over his body. Start at the knees and run up his thighs as you revolve it around his ass. This will make your homosexual partner feel at ease with the feeling and loosen up. Beginners will most definitely have a much better feeling than old hands. Make him feel the tender touch of your dick’s tip on his anal opening before the actual penetration starts. Start at a slow mode, and use the dick’s tip to circle his ass. Ensure that you are lying in a position that makes it easier to kiss intimately as you do this. Touch his nipples and lick his bosom in an intimate way.

Incorporate Vibrator For Your Experience

Vibrators are known to bring in a unique and engaging feeling in sexual experience. Gay boy sex can also be done much interesting by incorporating a vibrator that can be used in circling up the ass while pre-penetrating it before the actual insertion of the cock. As you circle up the vibrator on your partner’s body, turn up the toy’s speed and watch as he mourns in an enthralling sensation. This is known to cause extreme stimulation for an intense orgasm. Ensure that you are ready to receive any form of ejaculation as you do this. His hard dick will try to hold on but the sensational feeling as a result of a vibrating buzzing the tip of his dick will be too much to handle.

Know the Super-sensitive Parts of his Body.

In most homosexual couples, the perineum (the tiny patch of skin located between the balls and anus) is usually the most super-sensitive part of their body. Pick up a small vibrator model and whisk it along his perineum while you are on top. You can reach in the back and hold the toy against this area as you ride your partner. If he is undecided about incorporating adult toy (like Fleshjack) into the sexual act, start him off little by little with a vibrating ring or you can resolve to use other traditional methods such as spanking his butt in a slow and sensational way. Other common super-sensitive parts include the nipples, the butt cheeks and the tip and shaft of the dick. Try touching these parts tenderly to see if you can arouse any feelings for your partner.

Also remember to talk about what makes him happy during lovemaking and how you can improve on your experience by suggesting new positions. Asking him to bend over is a perfect way of ensuring a good penetration angle. You can also ask him to ride you or do it the old missionary way. Homosexual positions are much similar to other sex positions. The ass is perfectly placed in a position that allows easy penetration from different angles. The elasticity of the anal opening and the rectum passage makes it easy to accommodate dicks of different sizes. You can use certified and proven lubricants to make your experience much better. You can avoid the lubricants if you are uncomfortable with materials that will make your ass not as tight as you want it to be. Either way, you should bear in mind that gay fucking should always be blissful at all times. Always tell your partner to stop if you are feeling uncomfortable. For additional information about gay sex, you can check website. Hope for gays, sex will be better after that article.

How Gay Big Cocks Helped Me To Accept Myself

In high school, I had always wondered what my sexual orientation was seeing as it is that I never was attracted to girls. It was not until I joined a campus that my fears were confirmed. On my first day at college, I was assigned a roommate by the name Tom. Tom was nothing like me- he was outgoing and had many friends. He was in the second year, while I was just a freshman. Constantly, he would have his male friends in the room and they would always watch gay big cocks and sexy shemale movies.

They teased me many times and called me a sissy because repeatedly, I would excuse myself just as the movies were heating up. What they did not know was that I was embarrassed as I always got such a powerful hard-on from watching a man kissing another so passionately. The excuse trips always ended up in the bathroom where with a tube of lubricant; I would masturbate myself to orgasm. One time, just as I was excusing myself, one of Tom’s friends whom we called King grabbed my big cock and forcefully kissed me on the lips. In an instant, I wet my trousers with cum; it was so much that I left a wet patch on his trouser as well. I would not admit it, then but that was the most erotic scene of my life- never mind the laughter and teasing that followed this incidence. It was hilarious to say the least.

Later, King and I made out a couple of times and by then; I knew that I was very gay thanks to the movies. Before long, I was a regular at King’s place and he was ever glad to have me. He called me a virgin and I called him my orientation expert. He taught me things I never imagined were possible and gave me immense pleasure and excitement every time we met. As soon as I had confirmed that I loved the gay experience, I started investing my time and money in purchase of the latest gay erotic videos. I became such a treasure to the homosexual’s community in campus that almost everyone in our circle would be consulting me on what movies to get!

In time, after reading Wikipedia, I opened up a mini movie shop that dealt with homosexual porn only. This is where I realized that so many men in campus were gay. Most were the popular people that you would not imagine while others were the quiet, introverted ones who looked so orthodoxically straight. Some came out boldly to ask for the movies while some made anonymous calls for the movies to be delivered in a neutral ground where no one would notice them. Even though this venture was secret because it could not be approved by the school administration, this business flourished in a short time.

It was then that King, Tom, I and a few other twinks came up with the idea of opening up a nightclub and movie theater strictly for gays only. With only a little capital to cater for premises (outside the school) a TV and a DVD player, we were ready to go. We made a go at the idea and gained popularity both in school and outside. Most of our regular customers were students and some high profile personalities who came to find young love. It is sad however that so many young people are unaware of their sexual orientation and the society does not make it any easier for them. Since most are afraid to talk about gay sex, they remain hidden in cocoons that are unfulfilling heterosexual relationships that leave them feeling trapped, confused and lost.

It would be wise for these people to access, view gay big cocks as it might open up their perspective on this very sensitive issue, and offer such an avenue from which to express themselves. The end justifies the means and if such movies exposed me to the true nature of my sexuality then by all means, let everyone with doubts in their heads try it. There is nothing like the freedom that comes with the satisfaction of acceptance of self. Be bold and love who you are meant to be. Do not subscribe to the idea that by being gay, you are not straight right; rather embrace the idea that you are unique.