Erotic Adult Stories: Fantasy Comes True

I am addicted to reading erotic stories. I can’t get enough of them. I read them every time I’m horny for they make me all wet and juicy; just the way my boyfriend loves it. He likes licking my juices and fucking me till I he cums inside me while I squirt at the same time. These aSexStories erotic adult stories have improved our sex life a lot. They make us experiment with lots of wild ideas. Sex has never felt better and we even wanted to have sex with cute shemale or try bisexual sex with gay boy.

Erotic Adult Stories

The other day I was reading a story about public sex. The only thing I’ve done close to public sex is giving my boyfriend a quick blowjob at his friend’s birthday party. But this was behind closed doors and nobody got a hint of what had happened in the kitchen. I was so motivated to try out public sex in that story, it made me so wet that I touched myself 3 times. The whole idea of letting my boyfriend fuck me with people around, but with nobody having a clue on what we are making me go crazy with excitement. My panties were soaking wet with my sweet juices.

My boyfriend likes taking me out on most Fridays. He likes when I get silly drunk so that he can take me home and fuck me like a dirty slut. On this particular Friday I wore a very short bareback black dress. The dress was so tight that one could see my stiff nipples and bubble butt. I looked and felt so sexy that I was turned on by me. My boyfriend got a hard on the minute he saw me. He wanted to do me right before we left, but I had to stop him. “I have a surprise waiting for you big daddy, you have to patient. “ I whispered that to him in a sexy voice as I nibbled his ear and walked away laughing cheekily. I could see his huge dick protruding from his denim.

The club was insanely full. I needed 3 shots of tequila for me to get more psyched up for what I was to do. 3 shots turned into 7 shots. One hour later I was too tipsy to be concerned about what people might say. I sat on my boyfriend’s lap and started grinding on him. My boyfriend loves when I grind on him in the club. He loves how my sexy bubble butt bounces as I do so. He grabbed my ass and I continued grinding even harder. I whispered into his ear “Baby, I’m so horny I want you to fuck me right here. I don’t care who’s watching a baby, I’m wet just how you like it. “With that I took his hand and directed his finger into my pussy. He pushed my thong to the side and inserted it. “Damn baby. You are so wet. Are you sure you want me to do this right here?” He asked breathing heavily. He was obviously turned on to the core.

I gave him the go ahead. The club had very dim lights, making it more appropriate for my fantasy to be executed. I felt him open his zipper and take his dick out. I love his thick 6 inches of manhood. I continued grinding on it, making it wet with the juices that were flowing from my pussy. I get really wet when turned on, really wet. I pulled my thong aside and gently while still on his lap, inserted his dick into my pussy. Funny thing, the DJ started playing Robert Kelly’s slow wind. Things couldn’t get any more perfect than this. Nobody could think I had deep inside me a 6 inch hard cock. That thought thrilled me that I got carried away and we started fucking even faster. All this time my boyfriend was grabbing my ass like his life depended on it.

I rode him like the way I’d ride a mechanical bull. I heard him grunt softy that he’s about to come. God knows how much I love my pussy being filled with cum. I increased the pace until I felt something warm trickle inside me as I reached an orgasm. My boyfriend’s face fell onto my back and he whispered tiredly, “Damn. You are one naughty girl and I love you for that.” I touched my pussy and felt his warm cum. The thought of how creamy it looked made me want to go for another round, but I had to save something for later on.

PS: I don’t think I’m ever going to stop reading these erotic adult stories anytime soon.

Trapped By A Cute Tranny

First of all I would like to start off by saying that this is a true story. I am a 24 heterosexual male and I have never found a cute tranny that I was attracted to until that very special day at work.

It was a normal day at work and the heat was horrific. The elevator always malfunctioned whenever the office was so hot. And for some reason I had a very naughty fantasy about this sexy new blonde that started to work at the office. She always wore revealing clothing and very short skirts. One day I caught a glimpse of her huge camel toe beneath a very short black dress she wore.

From that moment on I was hooked. Things got so bad that every day after work I would rush home just to jerk off while thinking of her big breast and sweet ass. I would always get massive erections and spew cum everywhere. It also became a regular thing for her to show me her panties since she sat across from my desk. She would open her legs so wide I knew she wanted some cock for her tight pussy. I knew she was teasing me because I saw her watching my bulge as she revealed herself to me. Eventually, it became too hard for me to bear and I started to use the bathroom at work to jerk off.

Cute Tranny

I dreamed for the perfect opportunity to make passionate love to her and the only feasible scenario I could come up with was being stuck in the old elevator with her. I always tried to ride the elevator with her, but my dream seemed too elusive to ever come through.

One day she asked me to change a punctured tire she had, so we rode the elevator down, all alone. I prayed the entire 124 floors for some divine miracle that would stop the elevator. However, it did not happen.

So I changed the tire for her, but she had forgotten her car keys and we had to go back up to the office to get it. About 40 floors up, she did something I would never forget. I thought I was dreaming, but as soon as she started to unbuckle my pants and suck my dick I knew it was real. She definitely knew how to suck a dick. I was on cloud nine and I didn’t want to come down. I grabbed her by her waist and turned her around. As I lifted her black skirt up to her breast and moved her sexy lace panties to the side. I saw one of the biggest dick I have ever seen fall out between her legs. She was a fucking tranny, shemale, and ladyboy.

I was shocked, angry and turned on all at the same time. I am not gay and I’m strongly against same sex relationships, but the sight of that massive gay cock on that sexy teen tranny and my dick could not resist. I immediately spit on my dick and her ass and forced her 8”inch cock deep inside that sweet tight tranny ass.

I was fucking her so hard that her balls were swinging and slapping my own dick. At first it grossed me out, but soon after it felt so damn good I began to fuck that ass as though my life depended on it. She was moaning and screaming as she shouted… “fill me with your cum… cum inside my tight ass”. I came so hard I felt it from my toes all the way up to my dick. There was so much cum It was running from her ass and dripping on the floor.

She cleaned herself up and we returned to the office for the car key. No one knew what just happened. I escorted her down and she offered me a ride. No pun intended. But that’s another story. So stay tuned for part two where I will have anal sex with that tranny, also you can check that cute tranny online!

Gay Huge Dick Videos Helped Me Accept Myself

In high school, I had always wondered what my sexual orientation was seeing as it is that I never was attracted to girls. It was not until I joined a campus that my fears were confirmed. On my first day at college, I was assigned a roommate by the name Tom. Tom was nothing like me- he was outgoing and had many friends. He was in the second year, while I was just a freshman. Constantly, he would have his male friends in the room and they would always watch gay huge cock videos and sexy shemale movies.

They teased me many times and called me a sissy because repeatedly, I would excuse myself just as the movies were heating up. What they did not know was that I was embarrassed as I always got such a powerful hard-on from watching a man kissing another so passionately. The excuse trips always ended up in the bathroom where with a tube of lubricant; I would masturbate myself to orgasm. One time, just as I was excusing myself, one of Tom’s friends whom we called King grabbed my big cock and forcefully kissed me on the lips. In an instant, I wet my trousers with cum; it was so much that I left a wet patch on his trouser as well. I would not admit it, then but that was the most erotic scene of my life- never mind the laughter and teasing that followed this incidence. It was hilarious to say the least.

Later, King and I made out a couple of times and by then; I knew that I was very gay thanks to the movies. Before long, I was a regular at King’s place and he was ever glad to have me. He called me a virgin and I called him my orientation expert. He taught me things I never imagined were possible and gave me immense pleasure and excitement every time we met. As soon as I had confirmed that I loved the gay experience, I started investing my time and money in purchase of the latest gay erotic videos. I became such a treasure to the homosexual’s community in campus that almost everyone in our circle would be consulting me on what movies to get!

In time, I opened up a mini movie shop that dealt with homosexual porn only. This is where I realized that so many men in campus were gay. Most were the popular people that you would not imagine while others were the quiet, introverted ones who looked so orthodoxically straight. Some came out boldly to ask for the movies while some made anonymous calls for the movies to be delivered in a neutral ground where no one would notice them. Even though this venture was secret because it could not be approved by the school administration, this business flourished in a short time.

It was then that King, Tom, I and a few other twinks came up with the idea of opening up a nightclub and movie theater strictly for gays only. With only a little capital to cater for premises (outside the school) a TV and a DVD player, we were ready to go. We made a go at the idea and gained popularity both in school and outside. Most of our regular customers were students and some high profile personalities who came to find young love. It is sad however that so many young people are unaware of their sexual orientation and the society does not make it any easier for them. Since most are afraid to talk about their sexuality, they remain hidden in cocoons that are unfulfilling heterosexual relationships that leave them feeling trapped, confused and lost.

It would be wise for these people to access, view PornErika gay huge dick videos as it might open up their perspective on this very sensitive issue, and offer such an avenue from which to express themselves. The end justifies the means and if such movies exposed me to the true nature of my sexuality then by all means, let everyone with doubts in their heads try it. There is nothing like the freedom that comes with the satisfaction of acceptance of self. Be bold and love who you are meant to be. Do not subscribe to the idea that by being gay, you are not straight right; rather embrace the idea that you are unique.

Enhancing the Experience of Watching Very Erotic Videos

Very Erotic videos

Internet pornography is known as one of the driving factors for the expansion of World Wide Web. Pornography is so popular that every person with a computer had watched it. If you think, no one in your house watches very erotic videos, then probably you the one sitting in the dark, seeing nothing. As per the research, the average age of the person to check internet port sites is 11. This is the age when youngsters become curious and develop interest in seeking knowledge about sex and sexuality. It gets worse as the child gets older. From a pastime, it becomes a regular habit and from regular habit it becomes addiction. About 20% of male teens are addicted to porn and they tend to watch porn almost every single day.

Pornographic videos can be distributed in several formats like MPEG, QuickTime and WMV. In the recent years distribution of clips in the form of DVDs and VCD has started. There are several commercial online porn websites which allow one to view porn streaming videos. Few internet pornography websites have started developing videos of high definition which can be viewed in WMV HD format.

In the mid 2006, free pornographic video hosting service websites with advertisement supported technology concept have appeared on YouTube. These websites use flash technology to distribute the videos that were uploaded by the users. It is generally referred to as Porn 2.0. Web Porn 2.0 includes content generated by users and also commercial porn movies along with advertisement clips from pornographic sites. This has made the watching of XXX movies further simple.

Formats of Porn Videos

Other than the above mentioned formats, these are also distributed as Web Pages, text files, via message boards, news groups, etc. Audio porn is distributed in formats like MP3 and FLV. But porn audio has only limited distribution. Audio porn includes the recordings of people having sex or recitals or erotic stories. Pornographic magazines are also available in the market today. They come in Zinio format which provides a program to read in order to enable access. Formats like webteases also have emerged today. They include both images as well as text.

Porn Dialers

Porn dialers are malware programs that infect computers which cannot be identified by antivirus software. To ensure protection from the dialers, install unsolicited dialers to the computer. This ensures perfect protection for your computer.

Watching Video Clips without Buffering

Most of the online videos are too slow. Some videos really test our patience. They take forever to get to a point. Others have irritating obnoxious ads which play first for 15 to 30 seconds of the video. You can save a lot of time by speeding up the playing of advertisements. A lot of videos today, be it erotic videos or general movies has excellent content in them. But the excellent content is buried behind a million segment of information which you hardly care about. You can skip around their videos just by using the video slider placed just below most of the videos. You can easily reach a point from where you want to watch the video. However, the ideal way of watching a video without missing any part is by increasing the speed of their playback. Most of the videos can be watched at a speed which is two to three times more than the normal speed. Even though the speed of video is fast, you can still enhance its speed by using several methods. After all, our brain is more capable than we give it credit for. Software like speed booster can help you in achieving the speed you would wish for.

Legal Constraints

EroticVideoSex very erotic videos can be watched legally only by adults above 18 years. It is illegally not authorized from children below that to enter porn websites and anything related to porn. If you have children at home whom you want to protect, there are a variety of content control, filtering and parental software which is specifically designed to block pornography and other adult material from particular computers. Currently available popular webfilters include Net Nanny, Bess, SurfWatch, SeeNoEvil and many more. Peacefire is another popular clearing house available to enhance the effectiveness of such countermeasures. Internet pornography is being widely accepted by young people around the globe and its influence on society also has been increasing rapidly. Studies prove porn has greatly helped in dealing with depression and hypertension.